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Meet the Ninjas Coloring Sheet

Meet the Ninjas! Have fun and soothe any stress by coloring in all 64 ninjas. This is a six page 8.5' x 11" high resolution digital download (pdf).

Nervous Ninja Calming Cones for Anxiety and Worries (pdf)

CALMING CONES: This wonderful printable gives children fourteen different techniques to practice to calm their anxiety and the Nervous Ninja book (sold separately) offers more emotional support. COLORING PAGE: Included is an interactive, black and white coloring page children can use to really understand the lessons learned. This is a two page, high-resolution digital download. 8.5"x11" letter size

Ninja Life Hacks Books Checklist

Checklist to keep track of the Ninja Life Hacks books you've read so far. This is a high-resolution digital download.

Feelings Ninja Activity Bundle

Does your child struggle with their feelings and emotions? Feelings can change like a roller coaster. An important step in helping children cope with their emotions is to help them recognize and identify them—all of them. Emotions and feelings aren’t right or wrong. They just exist. From positivity to frustration and anger, they are all part of the many emotions we experience. When you help your child understand his or her feelings, they are better equipped to manage them effectively. In this story, Feelings Ninja learns how to recognize and identify emotions:
  • Positive
  • Calm
  • Lonely
  • Frustrated
  • Furious
This activity bundle is the companion lesson to the Feelings Ninja book. This engaging and educational five page booklet will encourage children to manage emotions and feelings. This booklet includes:
  • Feelings Weather Forecast
  • Feelings Thermometer Sheet
  • Feelings Maze
  • Feelings Word Search
This is a five page high resolution digital download (pdf). Letter size 8.5"x11"

Motivated Ninja Activity Bundle

Print out your rocket printable and have fun making some ninja rockets! Children will love designing their own rockets and then launching them using straws. It’s a great way for children to explore science. They will love to see how far they can get their rockets to go! This rocket activity makes a great STEAM project and is perfect for the classroom. Children can compare how different angles of the straw affect the distance the rocket travels or how adding fins or folding the rocket in different ways can affect its speed and flight. This activity bundle is the companion lesson to the Motivated Ninja book. This engaging and educational eight page booklet will encourage children to get and stay motivated. This booklet includes:
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • 4 Ps Questionnaire
  • Positive Self Talk
  • Maze
  • Ninja Rockets Instructions and Template
This is a high resolution digital download (pdf). Letter size 8.5"x11"